New Mindware Corporation Website

Welcome to the new Mindware Corporation website. We have updated our website to a new platform to help provide our customers with a new modern interface. We will cover some of the features on our new home page beginning with the features below.

Site Search

At the top of the main sidebar on the right is the site search option. Just enter a word or phrase to search for, example, enter tax code to search for all references to tax code.

Newsletter Subscription

In the main sidebar is our newsletter sign up. Just enter your first name, last name and email address to be added to our list. If you were already receiving our newsletter, you are already on the list.

Event Calendar

Our new event calendar displays the upcoming events we feel could be of interest to our customers. The calendar is displayed to the right in the main sidebar. It displays the next few upcoming events. For more detail, including a map if applicable, click on the event. Below that is a link to display all events.

Recent Posts

Recent Posts displays a list of our current posts. We will be using posts to enter our support how-to content. This will allow you to search posts and to make comments on a post. Posts are displayed in descending chronological order. We also have posts organized in categories. See below for more on categories.


Categories are used to organize the posts allowing you to access posts by a category. Below is a list of several of our categories. For a complete up to date list, please check our Categories drop down list on the bottom right side of our home page.

  • My Two Cents
  • Networking
  • Red Hat Linux
  • SonicWall
  • Tech Line
  • TOP Accounts Payable
  • TOP Accounts Receivable
  • TOP General Ledger
  • TOP Inventory Control
  • TOP Order Entry
  • TOP Purchase Orders
  • TOP Payroll
  • Windows