General Ledger Journal Entries

General Ledger journal entries allows you to enter monthly business transactions that aren’t generated by the system, correct postings from other modules and allows you to adjust and correct previous transactions. You can use this program to enter beginning balances on accounts.

The journal date defaults to the date on the General Ledge menu. You can accept the date or change to the date you want on the journal entry.

The transaction code defaults to JE or enter a ? to display the system transaction codes if you want to override to another code,

Global Reference field displays the last one used so you can enter the next available reference number or create your own.

The Description field defaults to Journal Entry but you can override with your own description with the reason for this journal entry..

You can enter a Reversal Date if you are entering a reversal of a previous journal entry.

After the heading information is entered, you are now ready to enter the detail information.

Press the Enter key to display the next available line number.

Enter a valid General Ledger account number.

Press the Enter key to accept the default reference from the header information and the default posting description.

Type the amount for the account number. To enter a credit amount, type a minus sign before the amount.

Accept the information displayed or return to the account number field to make corrections.


The system keeps track of the journal balance as you post each entry. Only when the balance field displayed on your screen is equal to zero, is the journal entry in balance.

When a one-sided journal entry is out of balance, you can enter P to enter the password you have established in the General Ledger Parameters. This will allow the system to update an out of balance condition. This should only be used to make a one-sided correction to the General Ledger.