Anzio Lite

Robust, Inexpensive Terminal Emulation For Windows

AnzioWin is part of the Anzio Family of terminal emulation products, supporting multiple terminal emulation types, along with basic passthrough printing. AnzioWin supports several methods of communications including over a direct serial line, over a modem, over the Internet or over a local area network. AnzioWin can act as a dumb terminal over serial or modem connections, as a Telnet client or as a Secure Shell (SSH) client over network connections, connecting your remote host to the local PC. AnzioWin adds support for user-defined macros, scripting, FTP and Secure Shell FTP (SFTP) file transfers and includes an embedded version of our Print Wizard product to aid in the printing of special jobs such as forms overlays, labels, special paper sizes, rotated text, auto-fitting to the page, faxing, PDF generation and more. With full screen, zoom, 132-column support and an easy to use interface, AnzioWin provides you with all the communications features you need for your Windows platform.


For the current version of AnzioWin we recommend Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, or Windows 7. You should also be on the latest patch release for each operating system. Memory and disk requirements are the minimum required to run Windows.

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