Advantages of Using Anzio Lite

Anzio Lite 17.x emulation software has many Features available for our users. Any customer that is using the Internet or importing order information from an email would find the features to be quite helpful and a real time saver, especially if a customer sends you an order via email, you can cut and paste the order information directly into a TOP order or invoice saving input time. Listed below are some of the features we think are outstanding:

  • You have the ability to click the ‘Copy’ button and the contents of your screen is captured and can be pasted into an email or document.
  • The ‘Print Screen’ button prints the contents of your screen to your primary printer. This feature can be used to print error messages in TOP and then can be emailed to Mindware for support.
  • You can set up any printer in Anzio Lite that is displayed in the Windows ‘Printer and Faxes’ list.
  • Both Telnet and SSH (Secure Shell) connections are supported, along with font and font size designations.
  • Many of our customers use multiple login sessions. Anzio Lite allows you to open multiple sessions by clicking the ‘Add Session’ button and then you have the ability to switch back and forth between the active sessions by clicking  ‘Next Session’.
  • You can setup user login name and password so when you log in you don’t have to enter the login name and Anzio Lite will verify the password to make sure it is correct.
  • You can prevent a user from exiting TOP by clicking on the Windows X box, leaving files open in TOP and causing ‘Error 0 – File Device Busy or Inaccessible’ message.
  • On multi-touch screens, we offer sizing and moving the main Anzio window; large screens can have up to 1000 columns of text, small screens users can control sizing of tool buttons for easier touch and a screen magnifier.