Reverse A/P Computer Generated Checks

Check reversals are made using Manual Check Data Entry on the Invoice and Manual Check Menu. When a reversal is made, all of the invoices that were paid by the original check will be written back to the vendor file as an open invoice.

Enter the check number you want to reverse. The vendor number and name, check date and amount displays on the screen.


The system automatically inserts R after the check number designating a reversal.

Is This A Check Reversal? (Y-N) -> Type Y to accept the check information
Is The Heading Information Correct? (Y-N-DELETE)
Type Y to continue with the check reversal
Type N and a message ‘Check Reversals Cannot Be Edited’
Type DELETE or Press F7 to remove the check information

You will be prompted to enter the invoice number(s) that were paid
with this check. The invoice amount and the General Ledger distribution will display on the screen. Accept the information to complete the entry.

Print the Manual Check Register to update the check reversal
information to the vendor and history files.