General Ledger End of Month Procedure

Select General Ledger on the TOP Main Menu  –>  Select General Ledger System Menu  –>  Press F5 to set your date to the last day of the month you are closing  –>  Select End-Of-Period Processing

Current Accounting Period and Ending Date will display on your screen  –>   Type Yes to continue

EOM_PROCEDUREPeriod End Processing Procedures display on your screen  –>  Type Yes to continue with the period-end procedure

TOP will check to make sure all journal entries, recurring entries, allocating entries and tax provisions are updated for the current month. You have the opportunity to select to print the summary of postings, trial balance and financial statements to a printer or to a PDF file stored in the EXPORT folder.


TOP will keep track of each procedure as it is completed. If you exit the process at any time, the end of month process will continue where it left off upon reentry. System will automatically update the current period in Accounting Period Maintenance upon completion.