General Ledger End of Year Closing Procedure

Select General Ledger on the TOP Main Menu  –>  Select General Ledger System Menu  –>  Press F5 to set your date to the last day of the year you are closing  –>  Select General Ledger End-Of-Year Processing

Messages will display on your screen to make sure you have made all journal entries for the year prior to closing:

Entries Cannot Be Made To A Closed Year

Press any key to continue:

      Warning! Entries Cannot Be Made To A Closed Year
All Posting And Journal Entries
Must Be Completed Before Closing The Year

 Press any key to continue:

Type Yes to begin the year-end update for the year-end date displayed  –>  Type Yes to clear yearly summary of postings for the current year

Select a printer for the Period Summary of Postings —>  TOP will post closing entries to all income and expense accounts so the beginning balance for the new year will be zero

Type Yes if the summary of postings printed correctly  –>  Type Yes if the trial balance printed correctly

Message on your screen displays that the Year-End Processing has been completed. The current period and the date for the new year is updated in Accounting Period Maintenance.